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Save yourself the trouble of going through a traditional publishing agency.
At Ghostwriting Wizard, we provide premium publishing services for both
print and online.

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Your Bestselling Book On All Leading Platforms!

For the publication of your book, you don't need to worry because we will give it the prestige that it deserves by publishing it on all the leading platforms and making it an immediate attraction for the readers.

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Of Industry Experts Have Your Back!

At Ghostwriting Wizard, we have a team of professionals who are experts in their respective industry. Our ghostwriters come from various industry backgrounds that give them the upper hand when it comes to writing about various topics, such as business, academia, creative fiction, and informative non-fiction. We have the confidence to deliver the quality of work that is expected from you for us and we can guarantee to turn your book into the next bestseller.

It’s time to become a published Author to receive the benefits Of distribution without any upfront cost.

Our publication services will take care of the typesetting for your book as well as the distribution. We simply a difficult process for you.

Book Publishing

Made Easy and Done Right Let Us Publish Your Books

At Ghostwriting Wizard, we offer our clients a one-stop and complete publishing solution for all their book publishing needs. With our extremely low upfront costs, and convenient and reliable print-on-demand services, our book publishing solutions will enable you to reach millions of readers and subsequently potential buyers of your book.


All aspiring authors looking to get published for the first time or self-publish their books endure a very high upfront cost with their publishing agency. At Ghostwriting Wizard, we like to make sure that an author is able to get published hassle-free by having low upfront costs.


Ghostwriting Wizard guarantees their clients a complete publishing solution under one roof. We handle every aspect of the publication process for our clients to save them the trouble of doing it themselves or going through a traditional publishing agency.


At Ghostwriting Wizard, we offer our clients a print-on-demand publishing service wherein we only print a copy (or multiple copies) of your book whenever there is a potential purchase being made for the book. This saves publishing costs for our clients.


Once a book is published, it gets on the book shelf. However, after a book is promoted, it gets off the shelf and into the hands of a potential buyer! Our book promotion deals with both pre-launch, launch day, and post-launch promotion.

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