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Every book, after getting published, needs an essential book marketing plan to
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It is time for you to hire the most exclusive book marketing services available to clearly outline your strategy and exhibit the features and qualities of your book. We at Ghostwriting Wizard offer book marketing services that are sure to leave your book in the hands of many readers! We offer our marketing services to extend our other services offered to our ghostwriting clients. However, we also offer book marketing services to established writers who want their published books promoted.


We have personal marketing assistants who will help establish a bespoke marketing strategy based on whatever online identity you strategize for your book. Our experts will help showcase your book effectively and strategically.


Our marketing team will help establish your social media presence by setting up a social media profile to promote your book and make it more readily available to your readers. In addition, we have a professional social media team that knows how to optimize the social media output.


Bookmarks are a fun and creative way to personalize the reading experience for your readers. Our team of experts will help design the perfect bookmark for your book to add a touch of personality and character to the overall experience for your readers.


A digital postcard is just like a regular postcard except, you guessed it, it is digital! Digital postcards enable new options like on-demand content creation, distribution, and reporting. In addition, they are a very convenient way of storing all your important info for your customers to see in one place.


An attractive and well-thought-out business card design catches the eye of a potential customer and creates a favorable impression of your entity as an established author/brand. It is a good way of legitimizing your business, especially alongside digital postcards.


Small posters and banners are ideal for inside uses and can be useful in promoting an upcoming event, such as the launch of your book! Our team will design the perfect small poster for your book launch and make it as attractive as possible.


Your book will need a really good video trailer to back it up before its launch. Just like how movies release pre-release trailers for marketing, so will we create a captivating video trailer to promote online for the launch of your book.


A press release aims to get attention, make news, and generate publicity. A well-written press release can be considered a cost-effective marketing tool to gain the media's attention for your book's launch.


Social media platforms are accessible to everyone, giving businesses a chance to follow their customers' activities or potential buyers. This helps marketers know their target audience, likes, dislikes, and interests to create a better marketing strategy to attract organic customers.


A marketing consultant's role is to analyze the current marketing strategy for your book and create a new marketing strategy to help you and your book thrive. They will then determine what works and what doesn't to formulate a new and better marketing strategy.

Amazon Kindle

We will help promote your book on the Amazon Kindle platform using your existing social media and web platforms. We also conduct marketing on Amazon Kindle by using the Amazon platform itself to ensure maximum retention for your book.

Apple Books

Our marketing experts will link your book to Apple Books from your online website and social media platforms. We will integrate Apple Book badges on your website and your emails and offer promo codes to create a buzz in your audience.

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

After creating your online website, building your social media presence, and spreading the word digitally, we will create an email list and send out newsletters to ensure that your B&N readers fall into the marketing plan.

Audio Book

Audiobooks help build and enhance vital literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language acquisition, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and comprehension. They are a necessity in today's world, and we will market your audiobook alongside your book.


One of the main reasons you should have a website for your book is to increase your online credibility and boost your legitimacy in the industry. A good website creates the perfect first impression for potential customers searching online.

Article Writing

Article writing can test the waters for new ideas, styles, and topics before committing to a larger project. What resonates with your readers may not be known to you, so it is better to find out after devoting a few days to a subject for an article instead of a few years to a book.

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