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Our team of industry-leading and talented ghostwriters specialize not
only in creative and technical writing, but also in all kinds of genres known to the literary sphere!

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Ghostwriting & Editing Services Offered in Multiple Genres

Whether your book is an action/adventure fiction novel or a crime/mystery thriller, or even if it is a non-fiction self-help book, our team of writers are versatile with their skillset and you will find that we have a writer for just about every genre.

How We Do Things

Let us Take You Through Our
Concise & Streamlined 6-Step Process

Ours is a process that has been streamlined through years of being in the industry. It is clear, concise, and easy-to-understand and effective to follow.


Place an Order

To begin with, you'll need to place an order with us. You can do that online at our website or by calling us.


Concept & Research

Next, our team of writers begins to understand the concept of your book and do any relevant research that may be needed.


Initial Delivery

After the second step, one of our writers will begin working on your book's first chapter/submission. Finally, we will send it to you for review.


Editing & Proofreading

Our editors and proofreaders sit tirelessly and scrutinize your book for any errors or stylistic changes that may be needed.


Formatting & Design

Once the book is written and edited, we begin typesetting the book according to industry standards and design the perfect front and back cover for you.


Publishing & Promotion

After everything is done and finalized, we can finally move on to the last step: getting your book out there for the world to read! After that, we publish your book and do the marketing for it.

Our Portfolio

A Portfolio of Dreams And Dedication

We, at Ghostwriting Wizard, have a very thorough selection process to ensure that we hire only the most talented and versatile writers for our ghostwriting team. Some of our ghostwriters are also already established and published authors of bestsellers themselves. We make sure that we have only the highest quality resources to offer ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading services for our clients.

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