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It’s time to put the pen to paper and materialize your ideas through book writing. You envision and we create your book.

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Welcome to Ghostwriting Wizard! We are a ghostwriting agency that likes to cast a spell with our words and make sure our client’s experience with us is magical. Our team of talented and professional wordsmiths are industry specialists and can write in just about any and every genre for both fiction and non-fiction books. Our writers have worked with a variety of clients and have dealt with a myriad of projects, so their expertise is polished through and through.

By choosing Ghostwriting Wizard, you’ll enter a realm of possibilities. The dreamscapes of the mind are no longer going to catch dust in the attics of your thoughts. With us, your ideas will formulate into the real world and you will become a published author.

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Shaping the perspective of readers, at Ghostwriting Wizard you get to witness unmatched brilliance under singlehood. Our professionals compose well-versed content that exhibits true shades of professionalism while highlighting creativity.

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Ghostwriting Solutions To Help Them Meet Their Goals

We are a comprehensive ghostwriting agency and we offer our clients all the necessary and relevant ghostwriting solutions to help them meet their goals. At Ghostwriting Wizard, our clients can expect to receive not only ghostwriting services, but also editing and proofreading services, front and back cover design services, audiobooks, book publishing, and book marketing.


The exemplary service offered to our clients. Our team of writers will conjure up the best and original content for your book regardless of genre.


Our team of eagle-eyed editors swoop down into the contents of your book and claw out errors regarding language and syntax while also making stylistic enhancements.


Besides writing the book for you and publishing it for you, Ghostwriting Wizard also guarantees to promote your book after its launch for maximum customer retention.


Our team of designers will make sure to design the ideal front and back covers for your book to represent the essence of your book visually.


A good audiobook should always accompany a great book! Our team of readers and sound editors will craft the perfect audiobook for your written book.


We not only get to work on making your book, but we also like to help launch said book out there into the world. So we’ll help you get published even if your book wasn’t written through us.

Publication and Marketing

Get the publication and marketing of your book done and get a boost in sales. We strive to make you the number 1 author, and for this, our team of expert marketers applies the latest and trending marketing strategies.

Web design

Get your website designed most professionally and attractively. Your website is the first stage that initially attracts the customers. Therefore, for your work, we have a team of specialized website designers who don’t let go of the visitors from being your customer.

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How We Do Things

Let us Take You Through Our
Concise & Streamlined 6-Step Process

Ours is a process that has been streamlined through years of being in the industry. It is clear, concise, and easy-to-understand and effective to follow.


Place an Order

To begin with, you'll need to place an order with us. You can do that online at our website or by calling us.


Concept & Research

Next, our team of writers begins to understand the concept of your book and do any relevant research that may be needed.


Initial Delivery

After the second step, one of our writers will begin working on your book's first chapter/submission. Finally, we will send it to you for review.


Editing & Proofreading

Our editors and proofreaders sit tirelessly and scrutinize your book for any errors or stylistic changes that may be needed.


Formatting & Design

Once the book is written and edited, we begin typesetting the book according to industry standards and design the perfect front and back cover for you.


Publishing & Promotion

After everything is done and finalized, we can finally move on to the last step: getting your book out there for the world to read! After that, we publish your book and do the marketing for it.

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